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New Products, Seasonal Shake, Make a Wish, Stevia, AMPED Hydrate, Meet Helen and Angie
New Products Arrived This Month!

Not only do e+ Energy Shots help boost energy, fight fatigue, and fuel athletic performance, but now you can reap all of these benefits in two new flavors – Lemon Lime and Raspberry.  To continue reading, click here.

Unlike traditional protein bars, AMPED Protein Bars offer a competitive edge. Containing an impressive 28 grams of protein, these bars are able to fulfill the unmet needs of standard protein bar varieties. They also meet a more protein dense profile.  Current available flavors are Chocolate Brownie and  Cookie Dough.  Coming soon is Strawberries and Cream flavor!  To continue reading, click here.

Anniversary Seasonal Shake Revealed

You voted and we delivered…The winning flavor and newly crowned anniversary seasonal IsaLean Shake is…(drumroll, please) COOKIES & CREAM!   We are happy to tell you that this yummy new shake will be available for purchase before the end of this month!  If you're not yet a member, be sure to contact us quickly so you can take advantage of this delectable delight.

Our Partnership with Make A Wish Foundation

Triston is a 15-year-old native of Las Vegas who was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis as a child. This progressive genetic disease leads to frequent lung infections and makes it difficult for a person to breathe normally.  He's one in many children we've been able to help fulfill their dreams.

We've raised $1.4 million in 2017 and more than $6.8 million across 11 countries since 2012 to help Make-A-Wish grant more than 800 wishes. To continue reading, click here.


Obtained from the Stevia rebaudiana plant and indigenous to Guarani people of Paraguay and Brazil, “Ka’a He’e,” or sweet herb, is becoming a worldwide natural sweetener for most of our everyday products.

Interestingly, the Guarani people did not only use the plant for its sweet flavor. In fact, it was used widely for its medicinal properties in healing wounds, helping digestion, and keeping the pancreas healthy.

Today, stevia is being cultivated worldwide, with farming occurring in Paraguay, Kenya, China, and the United States. With 5 billion consumers, stevia’s non-caloric and sweetening structure is used in 5000+ food and beverage products. To continue reading, click  here.

Product Spotlight

AMPED Hydrate

The perfect sports drink to stay hydrated and refreshed during your workout.  Available in Lemon Lime, Juicy Orange and Refreshing Grape.

  • Supports hydration and faster recovery
  • Helps sustain performance
  • Naturally hydrates and replenishes nutrients


Congratulations to our 2017 IsaBody Challenge $25,000 Grand Prize Winner

Helen C epitomizes selflessness and contribution. As a mother, coach, and career woman, she was spreading herself thin, and her constant stress and busy schedule began to weigh on her.

“I lost myself and my spark,” Helen says. “I didn’t have the balance between family and work. I’ve always been a very energetic person, and I started to lose all of that.”

Helen found herself gaining weight and neglecting her own health, but in her mind, she thought this was just how it had to be.

After a visit to her doctor for her annual checkup, Helen realized how badly her health was being affected. She was headed down a road of chronic health issues and decided she needed to make a change.  To continue reading, click here.

Meet Angie

We have the ideal solution to help you get and keep on track with your health and wellness goals. It's time to get back to the basics!

Call or email us today if you have questions or would like to order. Also, please feel free to forward this on to anyone who is looking for better health. Again, we appreciate your business and referrals.

Visit our website at and order your  products to get started.  Or contact us so we can help you choose the right pack for your needs.

Yours in Health,
Sheri & Pete Kauhausen

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